Packaging Services

All our international parcels benefit from additional packaging, consolidation and verification services.

When We Receive The Packages

We take pictures and note any damages on the receiving form (if applicable). We work with the postal carrier to file a claim, if necessary.

Consolidation Services

If you have multiple packages, we can reduce their number and consolidate them into bigger packages. This will help save you money and time:

  • if you are not meeting weight requirements for smaller packages. There is a minimum weight charge that you will have to pay even if your package is smaller than that
  • it is easier to track 2-3 packages than it is to track 15-20 packages
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  1. We help you buy hard to find merchandise at specialty and trendy online shopping websites.
  2. Then, we provide an US address for your package.
  3. We safely forward the parcel to your home.

tv in original box

Parcelux offers all the ocean freight forwarding services above and more



Packaging Supplies

Most parcel consolidation is included in our shopping concierge and shipping service. However, if you have special requirements, additional fees may apply. Some examples of things we charge for are:

  • plastic boxes
  • wood and plywood frames
  • plastic lining
  • air pillows
  • custom boxes

We can provide you with a quote when you place the order or when we receive the package, if you do not have the exact dimensions.

Storing Your Parcels

All packages come with 10 days of free storage (with the exception of oversized packages). Both air and ocean shipments leave from Parcelux on a weekly basis.

Parcelux offers all the ocean freight forwarding services above and more