Overseas Shipping

Roughly 90% of the world's freight is shipped internationally via cargo ships. Even though is takes longer that air freight shipping, its popularity was earned due to the low prices and convenient way to ship huge quantities of cargo.

What Is An Ocean Freight Forwarder?

It is an intermediary specializing in safely getting your freight over the ocean via a cargo ship. The forwarding company receives your packages or goods and then forwards them to you via ocean.



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  1. We help you buy hard to find merchandise at specialty and trendy online shopping websites.
  2. Then, we provide an US address for your package.
  3. We safely forward the parcel to your home.

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Parcelux offers all the ocean freight forwarding services above and more



Usually, such a company supervises some or all of these overseas shipping steps:

  • domestic transportation - loading, unloading your freight or parcels on trucks and generally moving your packages across the source country
  • receiving services - provides you with storage space for your packages until they can be loaded for the next leg of the trip
  • packaging services - ensures that the freight is properly packaged and wrapped for the container shipping
  • insurance services - it insures your parcels, usually for free up to an amount (such as $100) and then for an extra fee for each $100 insured
  • customs liaison - fills in paperwork, checks cargo against forbidden items list
  • freight loading -  on an overseas container
  • international courier services - moves your packages across the destination country and delivers it to your front door

Do I Need An Ocean Freight Forwarder?

Yes, especially if you are not familiar with filing all the documents required for international shipping or if you are not physically present in the source country. The rule of thumb is that, the more shipping companies you hire to get the freight to the destination, the more expensive and prone to errors (read lots of trouble) is going to get.

An established ocean freight shipping company will have all the set up put together and will supervise your parcels from the time they leave the merchant to the time when they arrive at your front door. Along the way, it is also able to negotiate multiple discounts to ensure you are getting the best shipping rates.

Ocean VS Air Forwarding

There is no clear winner between ocean and air forwarding. Air forwarding is faster, more secure but also more expensive, meaning that freight that does not need to arrive quickly is best sent by ocean. Also, there are certain items that cannot be shipped internationally via air due to a hazardous classification or due to other rules that vary from country to country and from carrier to carrier.

Ocean Freight Forwarding Companies

There are a few international freight forwarding companies, such as Kuehne + Nagel that dominate the ocean shipping market when it comes to volume.

In many ways, Parcelux offers a vastly different set of specialized shipping services, such as Amazon forwarding and a customized personal shipping experience. We focus on LCL shipping (Less than Container Load), also known as LTL (Less than Trailer Load), meaning individual parcels, packages, full pallets and custom pallets.

We can also make arrangements for full container load ocean transportation for select cargo such as auto parts and medical equipment.

How Are Ocean Freight Rates Determined

If you want to get the best ocean freight forwarding prices for your parcel, you need to understand how they are calculated.

These are the biggest factors:

  • country of origin (USA) and destination country
  • package or freight weight
  • package or freight volume - even if your parcel does not weigh too much it can cost more to ship if it takes more space in the container
  • insurance - it is highly recommended to buy additional insurance for expensive items
  • storage and packaging charges - we offer these for free at our US location. However, if you require special packaging (we provide basic wrapping and packaging free of charge) or if you package needs to be stored for more than 3 weeks, there might be additional charges
  • domestic shipping rates (for packages we order for you)
  • customs liaison fees

As you can see, there are plenty of steps and fees to pay. One of the biggest advantages that Parcelux offers is packaging all these services into one single affordable fee. Customers routinely tell us that our pricing is lower and our services faster than what they can get in their home country.

Ocean Freight Rate Calculator