International Air Shipping & Forwarding

The rapid growth of ecommerce caused an increased demand for international air shipping services, as buyers worldwide are looking for ways to get their desired products faster than ever. Although air cargo is a small percentage of the total freight movement globally, it usually represents a faster and safer way to transport packages internationally.

What Is An Air Freight Forwarder?

It is a parcel shipping and forwarding company that uses air as the method of shipping packages internationally. Simply put, it is company that receives products you buy from US merchants and forwards those products to your country by plane, which is the fastest way to ship internationally.

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  1. We help you buy hard to find merchandise at specialty and trendy online shopping websites.
  2. Then, we provide an US address for your package.
  3. We safely forward the parcel to your home.

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Parcelux offers all the ocean freight forwarding services above and more



Do I Need An International Air Parcel Forwarder?

You need the help of a parcel forwarding company if the US website or merchant you are buying from does not ship internationally. For example, you can use Parcelux's US address to forward your purchases from online US stores. Once we receive them, we inspect the packages, consolidate them (if you choose to do so), fill up the shipping documents and forward your products to your international address. If you choose air forwarding, delivery times are usually between 5-14 days (with the exception of Russia, Belorussia and Serbia). The shipping rates are also more affordable than what regular freight forwarders offer.

Air VS Ocean Forwarding

There are pros and cons for each international shipping method. Generally, air is faster and more secure, but also more expensive. There are some products that cannot be shipped by air, but can be shipped via ocean. The question you have to ask yourself is how fast do you want to get your purchases and if you are willing to spend more to get them faster.

How Are Air Forwarding Rates Determined?

Parcelux delivers parcels to your front door (with the exception of Russia). That means that you have multiple advantages when you choose our air parcel forwarding services:

  • the shipping rates are much cheaper
  • the shipping time is faster
  • the whole shipping process is much more convenient and without any effort on your part

Parcelux's international shipping rates for most of the European countries are calculated by adding a delivery fee plus a flat rate for each pound. There are some other restrictions and limits, such as by volumetric weight. For example, shipping a shoe sized box (around 10 pounds or 5kg) to Romania by air will cost roughly $40 and will take between 8-14 days. The package is delivered to your front door so you do not have to spend hours at the post office to get it. To put things in perspective, there are international shipping service that will charge you $160+ for the same box and will only deliver it to the post office.

Air Freight Rate Calculator