What is Amazon Forwarding?

It is a shipping or fulfillment company that receives your Amazon packages and the forwards them to your address of choice, usually an international address.

Do I need an Amazon forwarder?

It depends on whether the Amazon merchant you are buying for ships to your international address or not. If they do not, Parcelux can bring the package to your front door wherever in Europe you are located.

Amazon shipping company disclaimer - Parcelux and its services are not owned or endorsed by Amazon, we just provide services to people that do not have easy access to Amazon US. Read  more about Amazon freight forwarding.

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  1. We help you buy hard to find merchandise at specialty and trendy online shopping websites.
  2. Then, we provide an US address for your package.
  3. We safely forward the parcel to your home.

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Parcelux offers all the ocean freight forwarding services above and more



How does your Amazon forwarding service work?

There are several easy steps:

  • Decide what you want to get and place the order on Amazon.
  • We can help you with different payment options if you cannot pay for it yourself.
  • We can also place the order ourselves and get free US shipping on thousands of products from Amazon to our US address.
  • Orders arrive at our US address where they are stored free for up to 14 days.
  • We take pictures of the packages.
  • If you have multiple Amazon packages, we can put them together in a single parcel so you save money on the International shipping.
  • We safely package and wrap your purchases.
  • We fill out the custom and shipping documents.
  • We ship them to your international address via air or ocean. Prices are very affordable and only a fraction of what other companies charge.
  • The packages are delivered at your front door through our international courier service
  • You receive your purchase and brag to your friends and family about your cool items (and hopefully, about our Amazon shipping service as well)

Sounds great, but why is your Amazon international shipping service good for me?

Here are (quite) a few reasons why our forwarding services are great for you and better than the competition:

  • you can find awesome products on Amazon that might not be available in your country
  • these awesome products are often much cheaper than what it would cost to buy them from Europe
  • in many cases the US shipping is free
  • our parcel forwarding service is much more affordable than traditional shipping options
  • we take care of the most steps above, from providing an US address to packaging and filling out shipping documents
  • both our air and ocean international shipping service comes with tracking number and multiple checkpoints where the package is inspected and weighed
  • you get easy, affordable access to tens of thousands of every day use and specialty products
  • you can make custom requests and we will work hard to find your desired item
  • all the packages are insured up to $100 and you can also buy additional insurance
  • there are multiple international shipping options so you can get the Amazon parcels very fast, very cheap and very safe

These are some things to keep in mind:

  • there are some restricted items that cannot be shipped
  • there are some items that might be banned in your country
  • once you contact us for the order, we can check to see if there are any special requirements