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Nine Ways To Get Cheap International Shipping4 min read

If you’ve shipped freight before, you do understand that the costs associated can, at times, be a pain. Though different shipping companies promote their services as affordable, it is not always that affordable.

However, it is essential to note that there are ways through which you can get cheap international shipping for your products. The following is an overview of some of these methods.

1. Ship by ocean

If shipping speed is not that important, you should ship your packages by ocean and you will get prices 60-70% lower than air parcel forwarding. If you plan to shop online USA stores in the holiday period, keep in mind that customs are very busy during that time and they might even close down for a few days.

You can also utilize package consolidation services to cut on down on shipping costs as your products will be shipped in one package.

2. Request for the removal of original boxes

It is important to note that most manufacturers use large boxes for packaging their goods. The large-sized packaging occupies more space, and that will increase your shipping costs. You can consult your shipping company and request them to remove the original boxes and consolidate your products so that it is cheaper to transport them.

3. Avoid gift boxes

The disadvantage of asking for gift boxes from abroad is that it adds to the total cost of shipping. You can easily purchase the gift boxes from your locality to cut down on the shipping costs.

4. Schedule your delivery strategically

As a business, your delivery schedule is vital when it comes to shipping goods internationally. For example, if you have multiple packages, you can either instruct the shipping company to forward them separately or arrange for the parcels to arrive at the same time. This way, you can make sure you will not have to pay any storage fees.

Also, since it is more costly to ship via air that it is by ocean, make sure that you establish a schedule with delivery dates that will give you enough time to ship the products using water transport.

5. Consider the DIM weight

It is always important to remember that shipping companies charge for the freight of cargo based on its weight, or size depending on what’s more significant. If you shop for bulky packages from far, you will be charged highly, as it is usually expensive to ship such items. It is therefore, advisable to shop for bulky items from your locality so that their DIM weight does not affect the cost of shipping them.

6. Choose the right freight forwarder

The cheapest way to ship internationally is by finding a forwarder that charges less for the service. A freight forwarder will handle the shipping customs and also try to find cheap international courier services for you. This can significantly lower your costs.

Additionally, not all forwarders charge the same price, and you can leverage on that. However, you should be careful when dealing with forwarders that send low quotations. Some forwarders may fail to indicate other additional costs like door-to-port delivery, which will make it seem like they are offering affordable services from their quote. Work with a professional forwarder and one that values you as a partner. That way, you will be assured that whatever is on the quote is the exact and only amount you will be required to pay.

7. Never undervalue the freight you are shipping

You may think that by undervaluing your products, you will be charged less, but that’s not the way to go. Doing so has great risks; heavy penalties and fines can be imposed on you, and if you make it a habit, you can be denied the right ever to ship internationally again. Doing so is not worth the risk.

8. Utilize electronic documentation

What most people ignore but end up increasing their shipping fees are the documenting costs. If you can find a shipping company that allows you to process your shipping documents, then go for it electronically. It is time-saving for everyone involved and cuts down on printing costs, as you won’t have to print several copies of one document. It is an added bonus if the company can process the documents on your behalf.

9. Look out for discounts

There are times when international freight companies offer discounts for their services, and that’s the best time to find the cheapest international shipping rates. You can significantly save on costs by having your product shipped during such times.


Shipping costs should not be a hindrance to you getting your product from abroad. With the tips discussed above, you will be able to make get cheap international delivery, allowing you to enjoy your international shopping experience.