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What Are Affiliate Links?

Simply put, they are links that have a special tracking code attached to them. When you use an affiliate link, the person or company that use that code will make a small commission on purchases you make after clicking on it.

What Does It Cost You To Click On Those Links?

In many cases, the costs are the same as clicking on a regular link. Or they might be even lower if the affiliate link is connected to a discount, sale or promotion.

Which Links Are Affiliate Links?

For simplicity, you can assume that all the links on are affiliate links.

That being said, we try to recommend some of the best products and services on the market by using one or more of the following methods:

  • by trying them ourselves
  • by analyzing product features and matching them with existing demand
  • by using a manual or automated review process of the user testimonials

Affiliate Relationships & Responsibilities

Products that you buy, even those recommended by our site, are not supported by us.

Returns, warranty claims, shipping and customer service inquiries have to be placed either with the merchant or the manufacturer of the product.

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