US Address For International Shoppers

Get you free USA forwarding address below:


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US Address For International Shoppers

An US address example looks like this:

John Doe - name

Acme Inc - company name, only if shipping to a business

1234 Washington Ave - house or building number, street name, street type (avenue, street, boulevard, court, parkway, etc)

Chicago IL 60646 - City, State, Zip Code (Postal Code)

USA - country, denotes an US address

Additionally, you might see the following in an US address:

  • P.O. Box - stands for post office box, it is a mailing box rented at the post office by a person or business
  • Apartment # or Suite # - A specific apartment or suite in a building with multiple units
  • APO or FPO - it is a military address

So, our sample USA address looks like this:

Parcelux offers free virtual USA addresses to all its clients



Who Needs An US Shipping Address?

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An American shipping address is useful when forwarding parcels internationally by ocean or by air. A lot of US online stores do not ship internationally, so, if you want to order product from USA, you'll need a US address.

Parcelux offers international shipping addresses for European countries. There are no fees for these US addresses as long as you use our shopping concierge or international shipping services.