Why Buy From USA?

There are quite a few reasons why people prefer to shop in the USA whenever possible:

  • specialty products are easy to find
  • quality is higher
  • prices are lower
  • access to brands that do not sell internationally
  • our shipping fees are 80%-90% lower than they guys that claim to have 80%-90% lower shipping fees (via ocean - e.g. $40 vs $200-$220)

How To Shop In The USA?

USA shopping is very easy, especially when it comes to online stores. This is what you'll need:

  • the item(s) of your choice
  • a form of payment, such as a credit card
  • an US address where to receive the parcel, if the merchant does not ship internationally


us map

  1. We help you buy hard to find merchandise at specialty and trendy online shopping websites.
  2. Then, we provide an US address for your package.
  3. We safely forward the parcel to your home.

woman wearing american clothing

Parcelux offers excellent assisted shopping services



What Can You Shop For In The USA?

There are literally tens of thousands of products that you can get from US online stores.

Some examples of American online shopping websites are:

  • amazon.com for general merchandise; it offers products that cannot be found on marketplaces from other countries
  • bestbuy.com for electronics
  • walmart.com for discounted but quality merchandise
  • macys.com one of the best online clothing stores

The actual products you can order vary from electronics and clothing to hobby products and medical devices.

Are There Any Restrictions When Shopping From The USA?

Yes, there are. Generally, these are country specific custom restrictions or size and weight restrictions.

USPS has a comprehensive list with country specific restrictions.

Generally, you cannot ship:

  • weapons and ammunition
  • drugs
  • explosives
  • hazardous materials
  • marijuana (medical or otherwise)
  • poisons

The weight and volume restrictions vary from country to country. Our international shipping rates form shows the complete list of countries we ship to and their respective weight restrictions. Based on your desired products, other restrictions may apply.

How To Get The Lowest US Prices?

There are a lot of ways to keep prices low when you shop in the USA:

  • choose the store with the lowest prices
  • keep track of sales and apply coupons
  • choose stores that have free shipping for the US
  • use comparison shopping
  • choose one of the safest and most affordable international courier services

Usually, our promotional concierge fee is lower than paying a higher price at more expensive online store. We can prepare the lowest priced quote and order the products for a the best shopping experience.