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Best Fishing Nets14 min read

Fishing is a great outdoor activity for people of all ages. If you want to spend some relaxing time alone or spend it with friends and family, fishing can be an excellent option.

Fishing nets are meshes woven from a variety of materials (such as nylon) meant to catch or pull fish out of water. They are meant to be helpful and fun, but fishing nets can hurt the aquatic life if used incorrectly.

Whether you are on a boat or catching fish from the bank of the river or seashore, a fishing net can make your fishing experience better. Using the right net, you can increase the chance of landing your catch over and over again.

Before buying a fishing net, you should know which type of fish you are targeting. This is the most important thing to consider when are out shopping for one.

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Based on the sales pitch, it easy to buy the wrong net, especially if you've never bought one before.

Types of fishing net

There are thousands of varieties of fishing nets in the market. But for the amateur fisherman, the options are not many. Based on the frame used, the net used for fishing can be classified into three types:

  1. Fixed frame
  2. Folding, and
  3. Fly fishing

Fixed frame

A fixed frame net is the classic one. It comes in different sizes and shapes. These are generally heavier than the other type of net. If you want to catch a live fish, this frame will provide you fantastic sturdiness.

Folding Net

The folding net is the most popular choice for fishermen who want to keep the fish. As the net can be folded, you can store it in any place easily. If you plan to travel a lot during your fishing expedition and switch spots often, this type of net might be the right choice for you.

Fly Fishing Net

Another excellent option for fishing is the fly-fishing net. A fly-fishing net is a lightweight and durable net built for single-handed use. Those who want to engage in the catch and release fishing method can go with this fishing net.

Best Fishing Nets

We have put together a list with the seven best fishing nets, a list which is meant to help you buy the net best suited for your favorite type of fishing.

1. PLUSINNO Fish Landing Net

Those who are looking for a collapsible fishing net can go for the Plusinno fishing net. This is net is lightweight and durable at the same time. The materials used are fiberglass, carbon fiber, and EVA. The EVA is used around the handle and makes it comfortable to hold and use.

Plussino Fish Landing Net

The main part is the net, which is made of nylon. Nylon material quickly dries up and doesn’t grow any bacteria. As no water is logged up, there is no chance of having bacteria, mold, and mildew problems with this net.

Because premium quality nylons are used to make this net, you will get a knotless net. So, catching and releasing with this net is easy. If you have a bass fishing rod, the net will not also tangle with the rod.

The Plusinno landing net comes with a fixed pole. It is also available in different hoop sizes. It is a foldable net. So, it is easy to carry and store. A belt clip keeps it secure in your hand and doesn’t let it float.


  • The fishing net is collapsible.
  • It comes with a Hexagonal shape, which has made it different than other fishing nets.
  • This fishing net is highly durable and comfortable to hold and use.
  • Sturdy and quality material has made it skid resistant.
  • The mesh is made with durable and knotless high-quality nylon.
  • This fishing net is available in different sizes. So, there is ample choice for this net.
  • The non-absorbent material has made it bacteria and molds free.
  • The price of this fishing net is very reasonable.


  • This net doesn’t float easily.
  • As the net is on the smaller size, it can’t help you catch big fish.

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2. SF Fly Fishing Landing Net - Catch and Release Net

If you are looking for a soft and durable net, the SF fly fishing net is the ultimate choice for you. This net is made of rubberized material. It comes with a hoop that can catch narrow fish easily. If you want to catch big fish, this is probably not the perfect option for you. The size of the hoop is only 16 by 9.5 inches, with 10 inches deep, which allows you to catch the medium-sized fish.

Sf Fly Fishing Landing Net

This fishing net is compatible to use with the other fishing gear. You can mount the net easily anywhere while fishing. This net is a great option and gives a lot of value for the price, as it is durable and you will be able to use it for a long time.


  • This is the perfect landing net for catching and releasing any small to medium-sized fish.
  • This net is soft because it is partly made out of rubber
  • The material is high-quality and mildew resistant
  • The net is absolutely tangle-proof.
  • The durable construction allows it to last for a long time.
  • As this net comes with a spring cord and magnetic clip, there is a low chance of dropping and losing the net.
  • According to the price and performance, this is one of the best fishing nets available on the market.
  • The rubber mesh is almost invisible in the water.


  • There is a hole in the bottom part of the net, which can be allow some fish to slip through.
  • This net is not suitable for bigger fish.

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3. RESTCLOUD Landing Net with Telescoping Pole Handle

Those who want a fishnet for fishing in both freshwater and saltwater can opt for the Restcloud fish landing net.

Restcloud Landing Net

You will find many limitations in a traditional net. Some of them are made for only saltwater where others are made for freshwater only. But when you want something to use for both, you will have minimal options. Restcloud is one of the few landing nets that can be used both in freshwater and saltwater.

The Restcloud fishing landing net comes with an aluminum handle. This aluminum handle is corrosion-resistant and durable.

This fishing net is very lightweight and is not harmful to the fish. The net comes in various sizes and it is a good choice for new and amateur fishermen and women.

Along with being lightweight and durable, this net is also foldable. So, you can carry it anywhere, as it fits in backpacks.

The telescopic handle is another plus for this fishing net. Because it is extendable, you can gain some extra distance to catch fish with it. This net is not only suitable for adults, but also for children.


  • This fishing net is suitable to use both in freshwater and saltwater.
  • The handle of this net is double the length of any other nets.
  • This net is foldable and easily storable.


  • This net might not be suitable for the big catch.

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4. KastKing Fishing Net Folding Landing Net

Before buying any fishing net, you will need to determine which type of fish you would like to catch. If you want to catch bigger sized fish, you will need to use the large fishing net. The Kastking folding fishing net is strong and large enough to pull the largest fish from the water.

Kastking Madbite Folding Landing Net

The handle of this fishing net is made of lightweight but sturdy material. Combined with the graphite folding center yoke, it can easily take on a heavy load.

You will find different designs of this fishing net. The handle can be extended up to 76 inches. It is also a foldable net which makes it easy to carry. The mesh comes with rubber coating and doesn’t hurt fishes while pulling them up.

You will get a carrying case with this fishing net. The handle with this net comes with marks so that you can measure the fish after pulling them out of the water.


  • The nylon mesh it comes with is waterproof and damage proof.
  • This net can be folded quickly.
  • You can measure the length of the fish easily after catching it.
  • The extendable handle allows you to comfortably fish from a boat.


  • This is not suitable for catching small fish.

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5. Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net

If you are a beginner in fishing and want a reliable fishing net, Betts Old Salt Premium Cast net is the right choice for you. It is quite easy and simple to use. It spreads and sinks quickly in the water. While sinking in the water, it leaves the fish little to no options of escaping it.

Betts Old Salt Cast Net

Made of nylon, this fishing net is well built. But this net is somewhat prone to rips. And a small tear on the net can lead to the bigger hole. So, while using this net, you need to be very careful.


  • This net is made of nylon.
  • It comes with a detailed instructions.
  • It comes down on the fish quickly.
  • It comes with a utility box.


  • The net can easily tear up.

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Fiblink Folding Aluminum fishing net is one of the most versatile fishing nets. It is suitable for those who are looking for an extended handle on the fishing net. This fishing net is appropriate to use in any environment. Be it a small pond or large ocean; this fishing net works everywhere.

Fiblink Folding Fishing Net

One of the best features of this fishing net is the folding feature. This folding fishing net can be folded to one-third of its total size. You can carry it easily to any place as it is very lightweight.

The net is made of waterproof material. So, maintaining it is quite easy. The aluminum handle is strong enough to hold big fish.


  • The net is made of a nylon mesh that doesn’t damage the fish.
  • This foldable net is quite easy to carry and store.
  • The aluminum handle can be extended to different sizes.
  • The handle and hoops are made of corrosion-resistant material.


  • The net gets tangled sometimes.
  • If the handle is not rotated properly, it does not get locked.

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7. South Bend LN-250 Landing Net

The fishing net from South Bend LN-250 is quite popular on the market for a few reasons. It comes with a teardrop-shaped hoop. The hoop is 15 inches long and 14 inches wide. It is made of aluminum, which it is not only lightweight but also quite durable.

Southbend Ln 250 Landing Net

This net is not a good option for catching and releasing as it might damage the fish. This net is suitable for use in the saltwater.


  • It comes with an unique teardrop shape.
  • It is made of lightweight and sturdy material.
  • This net can be fitted for the standard rod holder.
  • This 24-inch deep net allows the angler to easily hold the weight of the fish.


  • This net doesn’t float on the water.
  • This net is not a good option for catch and release.
  • It is not suitable for catching large fish.

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Fishing net buying guide

The fishing net is one of the most important fishing gear. So, while shopping for one, you will need to look the features that fit your requirements, such as:

1)     Handle

The handle is an essential part of a net. A quality handle holds and distributes the weight of the fish it is designed to catch. However, a lot of the fishing net manufacturers put together good quality nets with bad quality handles. As a result, they break down. So, when shopping for a fishing net, check if the handle is thick and durable, preferably made of aluminum. However, you can also go for graphite or wood handles if they are well made.

2)     Length

You need to check the length of the grip before buying a fishing net. However, the length of the handle depends on the type of fishing. If you will be fishing from a boat, you'll need to choose a longer handle.

3)     Net size

Another important thing to consider while buying a fishing net is the net size. The size of the net should be chosen on the species you are fishing for.

4)     Net shape

The fishing net can come in different shapes. It can be rectangular, triangular, round, or circular. Teardrop and circular shaped nets are suitable for catching smaller fish. Flat bottomed nets are ideal for catching larger fish.

5)     Material

While buying a fishing net, you must examine its material. The most common fishing net material are: nylon, rubber, or nylon coated material. However, nylon is the most popular choice because of its availability and inexpensive feature. Those who want to catch and release should go for a rubber net so the fish is not hurt. Nylon coated material is suitable for gills and scales.

6)     Brand

As with other types of products, brands determine the quality of the fishing net. Some of the leading brands are RESTCLOUD, PLUSSINO, SF FLY FISHING, UGM, KASTKING, FIBLINK, SOUTH BEND, BETTS OLD SALT.

7)     Reviews

Fishing net reviews are sometime hard to navigate. It is mostly because everyone uses them differently, in different environments, but also because some of the nets are not as high quality as they pretend to be. You won't be able to tell for sure if you made the best choice until you hold the product in your hand, but, luckily, Amazon fishing nets are easy to return or exchange.

8)     Design

The design and functionality are as varied as they come. These are some of questions you need to answer that will help you buy a great fishing net:

  • where are you fishing from?
  • are you fishing in frewshwater or saltwater?
  • what size is the fish you are trying to catch?
  • are you keeping the fish or is it just for catch and release?

Some frequently asked questions fishing nets

How does a fishing net work?

The fishing net is a piece of equipment which allows the angler pull the fish out of the water. Using the proper type of mesh on a fishing net, one can put less stress on the fish. While engaging in catch and release fishing, the fishing net also shortens the fight and there is less chance to hurt the fish.

Can I replace the net?

Well, most nets can be accidentally torn. You can either replace or repair them if you do not want to spend the money for a new one. If the tear is repairable, there are . But if the damage is more prominent, you should replace the net. However, whether you can replace your net or not will be depended on the type of net you are using.

Is fishing net safe to use on fish?

Modern fishing nets are made of quality material. Nets which are used in catch and release purpose are relatively softer and safer on fishes. If you don’t want to hurt the fish, you can go for a net made of rubber or rubberized materials.

The laws differ from state to state and even from region to region. Cast net usage is limited by certain states. Other type of nets are ok to use as long as you use them in a legal way. If you are unsure, you examine the documentation provided when you apply for a fishing license and consult your local DNR (Department of Natural Resources).


So, the fishing net is an integral part of fishing for serious fishers. But it should be chosen based on how you will use it and what type of fish you are angling for.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section.