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Do you love winter sports? If yes, then you understand the value of having the right gear with you. Having the right warmth gear is essential for those that enjoy ice fishing. And if you have engaged in this activity before, you can attest to the fact that prolonged exposure to the extreme cold can be hazardous without proper protection. One of the crucial ice fishing gear to have is ice fishing boots, which will protect you from getting cold feet. It is important to note that a lot of warmth is usually lost through the feet, and that’s why it is crucial to have the best ice fishing boots.

To help you keep warm in the best way possible, we have put together seven of the best ice fishing boots that will guarantee you warmth and safety. In a hurry? Check out our #1 rated ice fishing boot for men.

The best ice fishing boots

1)    Muck Boot Arctic Sport Rubber

The Muck Boot Arctic Sport Rubber is an ideal ice fishing boot for places with deep ice covers and also muddy areas. It is important to note that this boot may seem standard from afar, but a closer inspection will reveal to you some fantastic features that are found in high-end boots.Muck Boot Arctic Sport Rubber

The Muck boot Arctic sport rubber comes with a 5-millimeter-long neoprene material, which makes the boot waterproof. Therefore, you can walk through water without the worry of getting wet and cold. Additionally, the neoprene material also works to ensure that your foot is protected from blisters and also helps with heat retention. It is important to note that this neoprene material covers only half of the boot, and the other half is covered by a synthetic and leather material which ensures that you stay warm. This boot is rated to -30 degrees Celsius.

On the inside, this boot has a fleece lining which makes it comfortable to wear. Additionally, the boot has a lacing system, so you don’t have to worry about the boot loosening while you go on with your activity. The boot also has a rubber sole with rugged molded lugs, which help to increase the traction on the boot, which is essential on the slippery ice surface.


  • Generally lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to wear
  • Foldable at the top


  • Wide heel which makes it uncomfortable for people with narrow feet

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2)    Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold

With the Kamik Men’s Greenbay boot, you will comfortably scoff at the ice fishing conditions. The boot is made from lightweight material that’s also waterproof.

Kamik Greenbay 4

The boot also has a felt liner that is removable and a lace-lock snow collar, which ensures that warmth is retained inside and cold is kept outside. It also has a Velcro closure strap that helps to keep the foot snug. It is important to note that the Kamik Men’s Greenbay has a cold rating of about -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The boot also has a threaded rubber sole, which increases the traction on icy surfaces and a drawstring at the top line to help close the top opening for added warmth.

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  • It is waterproof which is essential for use in ice conditions
  • Its lightweight nature makes it easy to walk around with them
  • High traction from the rubber sole ensures that you do not slide while fishing


  • The boot has sizing issues which makes it hard to find a perfect size to wear

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3)    Sorel Men’s Bear Extreme Snow Boot

As a lover of ice fishing, you would not want wet feet to be your worry as you go about with your fishing activity. That is why you need the Sorrel Bear Extreme Snow boot.Sorel Men's Bear Extreme Snow Boot

This boot is made with a polyurethane coating that makes it waterproof, a barrel-lock closure, and a drawstring to keep cold air out. The boot also has a felt lining combined with a 25 mm felt frost plug midsole, which provides maximum warmth. The boot has an actual rating of about -60 degrees Fahrenheit. You will also find a handcrafted waterproof rubber shell that has an aero-trac non-loading outsole that keeps your feet safe.


  • It is perfect for cold and rugged conditions
  • Has raised arch and heels for comfort and safety
  • Has removable inner lining which you can replace if they wear out


  • The liner is not attached to the boot which can make it uncomfortable

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4)    Sorel Conquest Ice Fishing Boot

This is another great pair of ice fishing boot from Sorel. The Sorel Conquest Ice fishing boot is ideal for use in uneven terrain as well as ice surfaces. The sole has a multi-directional threading pattern, which ensures that your traction to the ground is always firm. Additionally, the boot has ankle support, which ensures that your ankle remains in a rigid position for increased stability.Sorel Conquest Ice Fishing Boot

The boot is made using a combination of leather, Thinsulate, and synthetic textile. The upper part of the boot is made of leather, while the foot area is made from the synthetic material. Consequently, the combination of the three materials makes the boot a good option for ice fishing. The material used also makes the boots quite durable compared to other ice fishing boots in the market.

You do not have to worry about getting wet feet as the leather material used is made waterproof, and the seams used to put the boot together are also sealed to make them waterproof too, this leaves no space for water to seep into the shoe.

In addition to its waterproofing feature, the boot has a perfect lacing system that ensures maximum tightness, six loops, and three hooks. You can find this boot starting from size seven to fourteen and a half sizes, too, which ensures that you get yourself a pair of boots that will fit you perfectly well.


  • The boot has a removable EVA
  • The leather used is waterproof which removes the need to have uncomfortable linings
  • The boot is available in three different colors that once can choose from


  • People that wear below size seven cannot use this boot

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5)    US Army GI Genuine Military Issue

The US army GI Genuine Military Issue is one of the best ice fishing boots. It is made using a rugged rubber to make it waterproof. The boot also has a layer made of wool and felt, which helps to keep the feet warm. This layer is sandwiched between two layers of rubber to ensure that no water gets into the wool.Us Army Gi Genuine Military Issue

The boot has side valves that allow it to inflate or deflate depending on the external requirements. Designed for the military, this boot has special features to ensure that your feet are protected from any injury that can be caused by cold and frost. The boot is specially designed for protection in areas that experience temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

You can rest assured that this boot will serve you for a very long period without wearing out. It was designed for military use, and so it can withstand rigorous use. Aside from ice fishing, you can also use this boot to go for snowmobiling.


  • Assured durability with the boot
  • The boot is completely waterproof
  • The boots provide a lot of warmth; you will end up sweating if you have heavy socks


  • It is quite heavy, which makes it challenging to run in them.

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6)    Baffin Men’s Control Max Insulated Boot

The Baffin Men’s Control Max Insulated boot is a perfect fit for the ice fishing conditions meant to provide comfort. The sole used on the boot has full traction to enhance stability and also has a removable boot liner that’s used to protect the feet from cold. The boot also has a cinch at the top to keep warmth inside and the cold air outside.Baffin Men's Control Max Insulated Boot

Unlike other boots, the Baffin boot is made with advanced technology combined with a foam-based inner boot to give the boot better performance. The combination of technology makes the boot more comfortable, warmer, and a proper fit. Another fantastic feature with this boot is that it has a sole made of several thermo-set polymers to provide warmth, protection, and grip while keeping the boot light.


  • Provides a lot of warmth with the thermo-set polymers
  • Made with advanced technology


  • Has a short upper part that makes it impossible to wear in deep conditions

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7)    US Military “Mickey Mouse” extreme cold weather boots

You may be tempted to dismiss these ice fishing boots as imitations to the original military boots, but you would be wrong. The US military “mickey mouse” extreme cold weather boots are the original “mickey” boots used by the US military. The boots are well designed to ensure maximum and comfort for optimal usage. The boot has multiple wool layers for insulation and can protect your feet in temperatures of up to -20 degrees Celsius. The rubber used on the exterior is completely waterproof, and there’s also a valve on the shoe that is used to release or increase pressure in the boot.Us Military Mickey Mouse Extreme Cold Weather Boots

Designed for use by the military, the boots are made durable and suitable for use in extremely harsh conditions. You should also note that the sizing of these boots is slightly larger than a standard shoe, so as to give room for users to also have a pair of thick socks.


  • Has a valve which makes the boot suitable for use in areas of high altitude
  • Durable and completely waterproof
  • Has high traction for added stability


  • It is on the smaller side, which makes it not ideal for use in deep water or ice

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8)    32north Toe Stabilicers

This accessory has been made to withstand harsh conditions, which makes it perfect for your ice fishing expedition.32north Toe Stabilicers

Some of its features include good traction for stability; this is important to keep you safe from injuries that can occur if you fall. Another amazing feature on this accessory is the steel cleats, which will serve you a lifetime as they cannot wear or tear. The accessory also has flexible SureFit bindings that hold the shoe firm to the steel cleats.


  • Has the best traction material
  • Strong and durable


  • Size might be too small, make sure you choose the proper size

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Factors to consider when buying your ice fishing boots

When shopping for your ice fishing boots, there are some factors that you should consider so as to have the best pair of boots with you. These factors include:


You have to know what temperatures you will be exposed to. This is important because the different ice fishing boots available in the market are rated for varying temperature conditions, and the colder the place, the more insulation you should get so as to keep warm. In mild conditions, you can go for boots with Thinsulate insulation, but in extremely frigid temperatures, it is advisable to go for boots with wool felt insulation. It is important also to keep it in mind that the insulation used in a shoe helps with adding comfort.


You should not go out for ice fishing without waterproof boots as your feet will be continuously exposed to moisture while fishing. Before you make your purchase, verify that the boot can withstand moisture content. Without a waterproof boot, you might be forced to cut your expedition short as your feet get cold, and that’s not something you would wish to do. Different boots use different techniques to ensure that they are waterproof, and it is essential to understand which technology has been used as it affects the comfortability of the boots.

It is important to note that most boots focus on the lower side of the boot when making them waterproof but less on the upper side. However, some provide liners and gaiters that can also be used to ensure waterproofness. Aside from the material used, it is important to understand that the lacing system used also affects the boot’s ability to prevent water from getting inside. It is advisable for boots that have zippers or buckles for better protection.

Size of the shoe

It is a common habit to put on some heavy socks with your ice fishing boot, and if you also plan on doing the same, you should ensure that the shoe has space to accommodate the thickness of the socks.

Additionally, the ice fishing boot should have balance between its weight and size. Heavy boots will make it challenging to move around, and you will quickly tire after short distances. On the other hand, a light shoe may lack insulation, which is crucial for protection.


Ice can be slippery, and falling on it can cause serious injury to your body. In extreme cases, you may break through the ice into the water, and you can quickly lose your life. That is why you will need something that can give you a firm grip on the surface to enhance your stability when ice fishing. Some of the materials used to increase traction include rubber and steel spikes.


It is important to note that most ice fishing boots can be quite expensive but a worthy investment. Therefore, you should ensure that the boot you are getting will serve you for an extended period. To ensure durability, check on the materials used to make the boot and ensure that only high-quality material is used; boots made out of leather are known to stand the test of time in most cases.

Liners used

It is advisable to go for boots with removable liners as this allows you to air them out at the end of the day. Airing the boots is vital as it removes moisture and any odor that may have developed. Additionally, removable liners will go a long way in ensuring that your boots last longer.


Most people assume that the design of the ice fishing boot is all about its appearance. On the contrary, it’s more of how materials have been combined to come up with the boot. Go for those boots with added features like heel caps and drawstrings for more utility.

Generally, a good ice fishing boot should have sturdy material used on the boot area and softer material on the cuff area. Additionally, the sole of the shoe should have the best traction, and the interior part of the boot should be able to regulate moisture and warmth under different conditions; this can be found with over-engineered boots.


Finally, ensure that the pair of ice fishing boot you buy makes it easy for you to move around. However, it should also maintain stability while allowing flexible movement.

Boots vs Waders

Fishing waders and boots complement each other most of the time. You have to keep in mind that, especially when dealing with freezing weather, you need to keep both outside humidity and perspiration away from the body. If you decide to wear fishing waders, you need to make sure that they are breathable and offer the correct amount of warmth, not more or lees.


If it’s that time of the year to go for ice fishing, then getting the best boot should be your number one task. The list provided above gives some of the best ice fishing boots that will guarantee you a job well done. The buying guide above is meant to help you choose the best ice fishing boots for an amazing and satisfying ice fishing expedition.